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The Debriefing Session of “The 5th Overseas Training”

photo 1 On January 11th, 2019, the debriefing session of “The 5th Overseas Training” was carried out in the joint homeroom of the first and second year students. This was a debriefing session for the first and second year students who had never experienced the overseas training.

 The session started with the chairman’s greeting followed by the explanation of the abstract of the training using slides and some participants debriefed what they had learned through the presentation skill up classes. In the debriefing, students shared the advice they had been given by the Harvard students, such as “Humor is essential in presentation,” “Mistakes will never be noticed by the audience because they never know the contents, so you can just continue proudly even when you forget your lines,” or “Let’s enjoy the presentation, for the audience won’t enjoy it if you don’t.” Finally, they showed a video of the presentation overseas.

photo 2 Then, each participant was surrounded by four or five students and asked about their home stay experience/impressions, the change in themselves, and so on. All the students listened to the participants enthusiastically.


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