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JICA Intercultural Understanding Class

photo 1 On February 14th, 46 students of the second year in the Course for Inquiry on Natural Sciences interacted in English with invited instructors consisting of five trainees from JICA-Hokuriku and three ALTs.

 The students were divided into six groups and had two sessions per group, changing the instructors each session. In the interaction session, after each instructor’s self-introduction and introduction of their home country, they exchanged their opinions on “education”, “architecture”, “Valentine’s day”, “religion” and “women’s social advancement.”

 After the interaction session, they summarized what had been discussed with the instructors and generated posters in 20 minutes, then presented them in front of other groups and instructors in an almost ad-lib style. Despite the short preparation time, every group summarized what they had discussed properly in a concise form and presented it in English confidently.

 Through this session, the students realized their skill shortage in speech, communication and reactions, recognized the importance of face-to-face communication, and experienced the difficulty of intercultural understanding.

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