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Interaction Experience Program through the Internet

 On February 15th in the SG seminar in Humanities and Social Sciences, 32 students of the second year in the Course for inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences exchanged their opinions with overseas guest instructor Masha Ceprazova through video chat on the theme “Necessary qualities for global leaders who work in the world 10 years from now.” 

photo 1 They had been preparing for the session since the beginning of the third semester and studied international communication manners together with questioning methods in the preceding class on January 28th with a contracted instructor. On January 15th, they finally had the internet communication with Marsha. Originally from Moldova, she currently works for Google Singapore, which is one of the most advanced global companies, and is a global player with an international background. The students asked her about various themes, such as “What are the abilities global companies look for in interviews?”, the secret to learning English, life goals, ideal occupation, etc. In advance of the session, the students had been divided into five groups with the themes of society, environment, information, science/technology and industry respectively under the overall theme of Future World & New Global Leadership. Each group made a presentation with the following topics, and Masha asked questions and gave her comments.

  1. Sexual Discrimination: Emma Watson’s Speech
  2. The ‘Plastic’ Ocean and Corporate Effort by Starbucks
  3. The Future that IT brings  -Amazon’s Strategy-
  4. Space Travel: Elon Musk’s Ambition
  5. Globalization in the Hotel Industry  – A lesson from the Hen-na Hotel –

photo 2In the review session, they reconfirmed what had been discussed and shared it among all the participants. Finally, as a concluding activity, they wrote Marsha a thank you letter in Japanese and English.