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Presentation Session of the Research Themes (2nd year students in the Course for Inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences and the Course for Inquiry on Natural Science)

sgh2015-12-01 On December 16th (Wed), seventy-nine 2nd year students in the Course for Inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences and the Course for Inquiry on Natural Science performed their presentations on their research themes. The presentations were attended by the 1st and 3rd year students in the Research Science Course, the 2nd year students in the General Course, the teachers from Toyama University, and the teachers from our school.


sgh2015-12-02The students had been working on the themes for 9 months since the previous April, while being advised by the teachers from Toyama University and the staff from the Northwest Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center (NPEC). The short presentations were carried out in a poster session style by all 21 groups, followed by active Q and A with the audience. Each group made their presentation by using photos or distributing a novel they wrote on their research, and made the session very active.

In expectation of the joint presentation session with Toyama High School and Toyama Chubu High School on December 23rd (Wed), we continued finalizing our preparations, taking all of the advice from this session into account.

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Internet Communication Experience Program (2nd year students in the Course for Inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences)

On November 16th (Mon), in the class of SG Humanities and Social Sciences, thirty of the 2nd year students in the Course for Inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences exchanged their opinions with an overseas teacher through Skype about global issue topics.

This internet communication Exchange Program started three years ago. This year the teacher was Mr. Christos Petrou, born in Greece and a resident of London, UK.

The students decided their group themes and practiced their English speeches in advance. This year’s themes were: “Possible Extinction of Eels”, “Discrimination against Women”, “Refugee Issues”, “Nuclear Weapon Usage”, and “Medical Services in Developing Countries”.

On the day, the facilitators, speech makers, questioners, and respondents to the teacher’s question were decided in all the groups, and conducted the opinion exchange session with the teacher. All cooperated with each other and communicated with Mr. Petrou entirely in English.

Although they were nervous, they were happy to see that they were able to make themselves understood in English. However, at the same time, they also felt that their English ability was lacking and were very urged to practice English more in the future.

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Global Lecture (All 1st and 2nd year students)

sgh2015-11-01On November 11th (Wed), the “Global Lecture” was carried out for all of the 1st and 2nd year students. We invited Mr. Yuji Kawasaki, who graduated from our school and was the General Manager of the European Business Division of the FUJIFILM Corporation, as the lecturer. His speech was titled, “Soaring: Like Japanese cranes dancing on the ground ~ Work globally and encounter other cultures”. He started with the fall of the Berlin Wall, which he witnessed during his assignment in Germany, and covered topics such as “Globalization”, “Required Qualifications as Global Leaders”, “Work Globally”, and “Encounter Other Cultures”. His speech was clear and delivered with humor, having been based on his own experiences.


Report on the English Debate Tournament & the Presentation Contest Won the Best Recitation Award

sgh2015-10-05On September 27th (Sun), at Toyama University, the 5th Toyama Prefectural High School Student English Debate Contest was held, and three teams (fifteen students) from our high school participated. The theme of this year was: “Japan should contribute more actively to the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations by relaxing its restrictions for the Self-Defense Forces.” The theme was not an easy topic, but the students had prepared well and presented their thoughts confidently.

On October 24th (Sat), at the Toyama Citizen’s Plaza, the 17th Toyama Prefecture High School Students English Speech Contest was held. From our school, one team (four students) in the  Research Project Section, two students in the Recitation Section, and one student in the Speech Section — in total, seven students — participated. In the Recitation Section, one student superbly won the Best Recitation Award, by reciting with rich emotion, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

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Mid-term Project Research Presentation

sgh2015-10-01On October 3rd (Sat), the seventy-nine 2nd year students in the Course for Inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences and the Course for Inquiry on Natural Science made a presentation using posters on the themes they were working on since April.

We invited the instructor staff from Toyama University and the UN organization, NOWPAP, and the students got a lot of helpful advice on presentation techniques or how to make presentation posters.

Since it took place on our School Festival Day, many other students, parents, and nearby residents came to watch.

sgh2015-10-02Their encouraging comments were:

  • “Very easy to understand.”
  • “Might want to emphasize more on what they want to say.”
  • “Looking forward to seeing their further studies.”



Course for Inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences
  • “What characteristics do we see in Toyama from the view of Manyoshu poetry in four seasons?”

  • “Creating love story novels the young would love”

  • sgh2015-10-03“The secrets of Tateyama worship which even the locals would not know ~the comparison among three sacred mountains~”

  • “Preserve Johana line and Himi line!”

  • “Building the town community of Takaoka and its traditional industries”

  • “For realization of the balance between work and life with personality~ contemplate the future from the high school students’ view on their ideal work and life style~”

  • “Create the garbage free sea all over the world!”

sgh2015-10-04Course for Inquiry on Natural Science
  • “Contact free electricity transmission”

  • “Study on polarization”

  • “The efficiency of the Stirling engine”.

  • “Let’s build a high efficiency propeller”

  • “Metal tree and plating”

  • “Chemical analysis on lye”

  • “Making of eco friendly erasers”

  • “Study on anthocyanin”

  • “The world of lichen -comparison with moss-“

  • “Feasibility of water purification by clams”

  • “Study on the mist in Tateyama mountains”

  • “Initial setting and operation expansion of Tower of Hanoi puzzle”

  • “Expansion and the best procedure in Numer on game”

  • “About the moving object in Hexagon Game of Life”


Special English Sminar for the 3rd Year Students (3rd Year Course for Inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences)

sgh2015-5-01On the two days of May 25th and June 22nd, the Special English Seminar for 3rd year students in the Course for Inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences was carried out, with Prof. Bahau from Toyama University attending as a guest.

This is a part of the activities of “Rediscover my Hometown Toyama ~ Cut out my hometown Toyama with unique insight and deeply analyze the problems~”

sgh2015-5-02In the first seminar (May 25th), each student made a 1-minute speech on Toyama’s current situation and problems. In the second seminar (June 22nd), they made 3-minute presentations in groups on Toyama’s current situation and problems, together with improvement and solution ideas.

Preceding the two seminars, the students deepened their understanding of Papua New Guinea, Prof. Bahau’s home country, by investigating it for themselves, or by listening to the Professor’s talk directly. Also, in the classes before the seminar, they rehearsed their presentations to improve their speech/presentation skills.

They chose local Toyama issues to talk about, such as: “The Decay of Takaoka Shopping Streets”, “Bullying Problem among Junior High School Students”, and “The Station Situations in Toyama”. During their presentations, they stated their own ideas of solutions to these problems.

They also had the Q and A sessionin the two seminars. In it, Prof. Bahau and students of other groups pointed out the presenters’ insufficient analyses of the current situations and problems and their solution ideas.

Through these sessions, they measured their study capabilities and English abilities, while also gaining understanding about Toyama’s current situations.

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Overseas Training Report Session (2nd and 3rd year students in the Course for Inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences and the Course for Inquiry on Natural Science)

sgh2015-4-01The two debriefing sessions for the Overseas Training, carried out in March 2015, were held in the joint SG(Super Global) seminar class for the 2nd and 3rd year students of the Course for Inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences and the Course for Inquiry on Natural Science.

The debriefing session for the Course for Inquiry on Natural Science, held on March 22nd (Wed), was carried out in Japanese, so the 2nd year students did not hesitate to ask questions to their seniors. This opportunity escalated their interest in overseas even higher after hearing about what the dispatched students discovered, for example, that there is no time table for bus nor train services, that breakfast has to be fixed by themselves at their host families’ homes, or that even a “small size” hamburger is really big. Also, a video of the New York presentation of “Easy as π” was played for them. Watching it also encouraged the 2nd year students to carry on their themes, being impressed by their enthusiastic attitude in English presentation to try to answer the questions accurately with body language.

The session for the Course for Inquiry on Humanities and Social Sciences was held on April 20th (Mon) and was carried out all in English, including moderating, presentation, and Q and A. First, the students who went on a 13-day stay to Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A. from March 14th through the 26th, as members of the Takaoka Echizen International Exchange Fund Program, reported on the city and the high school of Fort Wayne, their exchanges with their host families, and their daily lives there. Next, the thirty-eight students who went on the 8-day trip for the 1st Overseas Training from March 4th through the 11th debriefed in small groups. Showing their photos, they enthusiastically spoke of their visit to MIT, Harvard University, and the United Nations HQ, or the cultural differences between the two countries and the significance of using English, which they discovered through their group English presentations or their stay with their host families.

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