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Since April 2011, the newly joined students are assigned into 5 classes of 40 students. In the second year, they are to choose either the science/engineering class or arts/literature class. In this way they can receive an appropriate education designed for their higher education. All of the students study hard intending to proceed to 4 year colleges. The teachers maintain an excellent relationship with the students, spending their time with high enthusiasm in individual consultation, corrective instruction, as well as Q and A sessions. Thus, this face to face instruction style is a characteristic of our school.

photo1One of our traditional school mottos is the self integration sprit, targeting self integrated learning through defining the issues, investigating and contemplating. The school provides two study halls for excellent morning/afterschool self learning environment, which is rather rare to find in Japan.

photo2Club activities are very popular under the other school motto “simplicity and fortitude spirit”.
Participation to the club is up to the students but high percentage of them train themselves mentally and physically, competing and supporting each other among students. Many reach inter-high-school level. The students are supported by the school’s back up of both study and sports.